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When you study the market of hearing aid devices, you find out that there is a wide range of prices and brands. You might feel tempted to asume that the most expensive equipment is also the best of all, right? And good manteinance and assistance while you use these items must also cost you what it's worth. True?

As a matter of fact, you would be surprised to find out how many hearing aid devices are overpriced and how much you might be paying for manteinance costs without any need for it. If you need to afford these expenses, you are most likely to keep on with this for the rest of your life. So it's fundamental that you find the right price, the right quality service, and the right attention for your needs.

The Hearing Aid Council is an UK based service and retail company entirely dedicated to offer hearing aid at the best price and with the best services. We offer the lowest price and our clients receive life-long free of charge aid from our staff. This includes manteinance, audiometries, medical checkouts and all you need to make the best out of your hearing aid.


Why the Hearing Aid Council?





You can check our catalogue to find out that we work with the best brands in hearing aid in the United Kingdom, but we still manage to offer all these devices at a ver competitive price. 

Our quotations include country-wide delivery, life-long manteinance, and the manufacturer's warranty. When you buy our products you can rest asure that you will have the best of all in your hands, without paying a single penny in overprice.

We work with the best manufacturers and only certified companies can offer us their products. We will guide you on what device you should choose according to your particular hearing aid needs. When you make your choice with us, you make your best choice of all.

All our products are fully warranted, so in case that you have any problem or complaint with what you get from us, we will take matters in our own hands to make sure you have the best hearing aid of all.

We work with audiologists who have years of experience in hearing aid and digital devices. When you ask us questions, you know that you will get the right answers from a professional doctor.

You can make any consultation and our staff will be happy to answer in a very short time. Also, remember that we offer free audiometries and calibrations and we go to your home so you don't need to mobilize to a hospital or institution.


The Hearing Aid Council works every day so you can have the best hearing aid available, at the best price, and with the best attention you can get from our staff. Contact us today and find out how much we can do for you! The Hearing Aid Council is at your service!

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"It was so good to find The Hearing Aid Council. I wasn't aware of how much I was being scammed by companies who sold me audiphones and charged manteinance costs. Everyone needs to find out about this." read more >>

Larry Ferguson,

"The people at the Hearing Aid Council are the kindest. They listen to all I need and they do their best to support me and guide me. It feels so good to know that people like them are at your side." read more >>

Gary Charles,

"This is the best I have ever found. They live up to what they say. Their services are great and their prices have no match. I think The Hearing Aid Council is great." read more >>

Katherine Phillips,