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Affordable Hearing Aids

There are scores of people who have a varying degree of heating impairment today. This impairment could be as a result of injury to the ear, infection as well as age among other causes. However, it’s estimated that more than 4 million people in the UK with hearing impairment can live normally with the help of hearing aids, but they don’t.

According to Louise Hart, an audiology specialist, many people do not use hearing aids as they think it makes them look old or is unsightly. Today’s gadgets, however, are a tremendous improvement from previous versions; they are digital, slimmer, lighter, smaller, and come in a range of funky colors. But the success in getting people to wear them is a change I attitude; hearing aids should ordinary as wearing glasses.

How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids are simple gadgets that get the environmental sounds and make them louder so that you are aware of them. Most of these aids today are digital and are powered by a battery. The aids are made up of different parts. Read More...

Digital Hearing Aids

How hearing aids work

There are many cases of hearing loss and all of them are different. There are several sorts of hearing loss, several causes, and several degrees as well. All of these cases require specific and detailed diagnosis in order to find a solution. Hearing aid devices come in many shapes and each one of them adjusts to a different part of your hearing system and has distinct features. You need to find a hearing aid device that matches the root of your problem and the degree and specifications of your hearing loss.

Different hearing aid devices have different mechanisms. When the cause of the hearing loss is in the inner ear, a surgically installed set called cochlear implant can compensate the lack of perception, even in completely deaf people. Cochlear implants are complex and a bit risky since they are placed with head surgery, yet they have changed the lives of many people for the better. They have a circular piece that goes on the back of the head, which detects soundwaves like a microphone. It is connected to a processor inside the head, that transforms the vibrations into electric impulses. Finally, a series of electrodes take these signals directly to the inner ear, where the auditive nerves are connected. Read More...

Cochlear Implants

Deafness and implants

Deafness can have many causes. The whole hearing process starts from the ear, all the way in through the ear canal, to a series of structures inside the bone of our heads. There is a small organ in the shape of a snail, called the cochlea, that receives the sound vibrations and translates them to electrical impulses. The cochlear nerve transmits these impulses to our brain, where they are processed and transformed into our perception of sound.

All stages of this process can be completely or partially damaged, causing different levels of deafness in one or both ears. Deafness can be cured or treated depending on the place of the lesion. In cases where the neurological components of hearing aren't damaged, non-neurological components can be by-passed with a device that is implanted through surgery. Read More...

Invisible Hearing Aids

For hearing aid wearers, their greatest concern is whether or not the devices will be seen by others. Recent studies found out that people with hearing impairment are 40% more likely to buy a hearing aid if it will be invisible. Additionally, more than 48% of people with hearing impairment but are yet to use hearing aids say that they are put off by the stigma associated with hearing aids.

With time, hearing aid manufacturers have come up with cosmetic options that are suitable for pretty much all classes of users. The new devices ensure comfort, and their overall design and feel gives the satisfaction needed for daily use. Read More...

Online hearing test

Measuring hearing loss

For a number of reasons, people can start losing some of their capacity to hear. It is more common the older a person is, but it can happen at any age. When we go to the doctor, our hearing will usually be tested. However, it is a good idea to take a domestic test to check your hearing every once in a while, especially if we are at risk of hearing loss.

Spending time in noisy environments or being exposed to loud sounds increases our risk of hearing loss. Some jobs can damage our hearing, especially if we don't use proper hearing protection. From working at factories or airfields to dance clubs and rock stages. Also, hearing loss may be influenced by genetic factors. In other words, some people are more prompt to losing their hearing capacities from birth than others. At last, hearing loss risk increases at age, and it isn't uncommon that elder people experience at least some decrease in their hearing capacities in one or both ears. Read More...

Audiologist near me

The work of an audiologist

Have you noticed that it is harder for you now to understand what people say? Do you miss low sounds or need people to speak louder to you? Are you feeling dizzy or experiencing problems with balance without an identifiable cause? Do you feel discomfort inside your ear? If any of these question has an affirmative answer, then you might be in need of an audiologist.

What does an audiologist do? Audiologists are doctors who specialize in ear disorders and problems. They are experts in detecting hearing loss, ear damage and balance issues. They must not be mistaken for otolaryingologists, who are doctors specialized in treating ear, throat and nose conditions. An audiologist is knowledgeable in problems that affect all parts of your ear. Read More...

Phonak Hearing Aids

Importance of Our Ears

Ears are an important sensory organ. We use them for hearing purposes. Some people, however, are born without the ability to hear and can’t listen to the sounds that others can. Inability to hear can develop also because of a trauma suffered during an accident or due to illness as well. Such people who can’t hear are referred to as deaf. Now, in the past, it was impossible for them to do anything about this. But, now the advancement in technology has meant that there are hearing aids available which can help them in hearing just like normal people. There are several different manufacturers and brands of hearing aids available for the people with hearing issues to choose from. 

Top 5 Hearing Aids Manufacturers and Brands

Hearing aids have become quite common in the last few years. The technology that has been used for making these devices has improved a lot as well. The hearing aids available today are quite effective in providing solutions to the people suffering from hearing issues. Numerous brands and manufacturers have entered the industry which has helped in offering the deaf community a wider range of options when it comes to choosing hearing aids. The following are some of the top brands of hearing aids available in the market today.   

•    Hansaton

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The Advantages of Hearing Aids

If you are a hearing-impaired persons, the use of hearing aids presents a number of advantages. While hearing aids do not restore your hearing, they help you to hear a lot better. Imagine hearing the sounds of birds singing, water running, the howling of the wind or even the doorbell ringing. These are all sounds which you may not have heard for a very long time because of your hearing impairment. However, with the use of a hearing aid, you can hear these sounds as well as many other sounds. 

Studies have proven that the use of hearing aids also improve the physical, social and psychological sense of well-being of a hearing impaired person. The quality of life of the person improves and as a result, the person will:


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